Outside our house we have a chalkboard. The last sign I did was the Valentine's Chalkboard. When people came to the door wishing us a Happy Valentines Day in June...I knew it was time to change it! Instead of a seasonal chalkboard thing I'm now doing a quote....that way if I'm a little late with putting up a new one, it's not as obvious.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!
ETA: To answer the below questions, I have an overhead projector that I picked up at a second hand store a while ago. So I print this out, " hand copy" it onto a transparency and then project it on my board. My artist skills do not rival Katie's...I need all the help I can get!
Coming Soon:
Chalkboard Summer Fun
In Store:
Chalked Alphabet No. 01
Chalked Script Alphabet
Chalkboard Ornaments Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Symbology: Chalked Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Chalkboard Flourishes Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Chalk it Up: Basics No. 02 Paper Pack
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