My tribute page to Pattie started as one page then another then another and ended up here. There are so many Pattie products that I wanted to use, but could not do it in one page. When I finished this page I looked at it and said to myself, "This just won't do. There is no glitz!" How could I do a Pattie page with no glitz???? So I incorporated some. The same thing happened with acrylic . . . so I added some. The only thing that isn't on this page that is synonymous with Pattie is her text bytes. I just couldn't fit one in. I don't know how many times those things saved this PSE user, but that will have to be another page in itself.

Supplies by Pattie Knox:
Felt Board Friends: In The Woods - Gear
Puttin on the Glitz: Cardstock Solids No. 01 Paper Pack
Wood Game Tiles Alphabet
Absolutely Acrylic: Tabs and Tags
Stitched Leather Alphabets No. 01
Fanciful Felt Ribbons and Trim: Little Trims
Ruff and Ready Kit
Coffee Klatch Kit