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When we lived in Germany, Gary’s best memories were going to castles with the boys. Nathan and Taylor were between four and five years old when these outings occurred, but I think they remember a couple of them, too. Gary was flying with the Ramstein fighter unit and would mentally note a location when he spotted a new castle or ruin from the air. That weekend he would take the boys to the castle, along with their swords and a picnic lunch, and they would act out a new adventure thus creating lasting memories for dad.
When the boys were teenagers they all played D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) with Gary being “dungeon master” for them and their friends. This was a full days worth of fun for all of them. When Nathan and Taylor graduated and left for college I think Gary thought that this chapter of his life had closed up on him and he wasn’t quite ready for it.
These days all the boys are gone (out of the house) and Nathan has even moved to Colorado, but even though miles are a factor they have managed to start a new adventure with Gary. Nathan, Taylor and Lorraine all play LOL (League of Legends) on the computer with friends. Taylor taught his dad the ins and outs of the game and Gary is loving it. Not only does he get to play geeky computer games, but he gets to do it with his boys. They all get together on a team and at the same time get on skype so that they can all talk / yell / cheer / make fun of and commiserate with each other. Their “team” has grown now including four more family members who live in TX. Gary‘s excitement was so fun for me to watch as he told me how “cool” it was to be able to do this with his boys and that all they needed now was for Mark to join! I had to tell him that wasn’t going to happen until LOL started including player-built turbo cars and pure speed. He’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

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