The gloves are off now... I had to give up my membership to LA Boxing, but... hubby got me a membership to 24-Hour Fitness and they have "Body Combat" classes which I'm addicted to! Boxing and kickboxing without the gloves! *grin* One thing that always bugged me at boxing was that our combos never were on beat with the driving music... I hate being off beat! So "Body Combat" is perfect for me: Loud music and punches and kicks and lunges, etc. all on beat! Yay!
I added a little thumbnail of the posted and notices of the new class; I grabbed the image from
Oh, and yeah... that's me in the back row on the right, under the text I added to the photo so I could find myself! hahaha

So this ‘motley’ crew is the first ever Body Combat” class at the smaller, 24-Hour Fitness ‘sport’ gym across the street from my 24-Hour ‘super sport’ gym in Costa Mesa. Michelle, my favorite BC instructor from my gym taught this debut class with the new instructor for this gym. As always, it’s a super fun and really
strenuous workout--I feel soooo great after finishing! I’ve taken a few more classes at this gym since this day, as well as BC classes at the 24-Hour at Fashion Island. It’s great having a ‘super sport’ membership ‘cuz I can go to any 24-Hour Fitness anywhere in the US and take any class I want! Awesomeness! At the end of the class, the new instructor asked everyone to stay for a photo! We were still hot and sweaty (lordy, do we sweat!) and no on really knew each other, but we had alot of fun posing for what turned out to be six (!) different camera phones! *smiley*
Body Combat is a mix of boxing, kickboxing (without the gloves!), muay thai, karate and other martial arts combined with awesome, loud music--it’s the perfect workout for me! Most weeks, I take four classes! Yep,I love, love, love it!


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