I was short on the distance I try to walk each day, so I took a long walk at home on Thursday afternoon. I love a walk out to the highway to pick up our mail, and today I took a pre-mail detour through the woods behind our house and then up to the mailbox last. I don’t walk the wood more than about once a week and I am always amazed at what has grown and changed as I pass by. This time of year the leaves and the flowers change so often and I hate to miss the short season of come of the wild flowers and emerging foliage. We have had abundant rains of late, so the shades of greens and yellows are wonderful as the late afternoon sun slants and shines upon Mother Nature’s best! I only had my new iPhone and enjoyed being able to capture the beauty!

Journaling: today on my walk i spied the pretty whorled leaves of the new milkweed . . . the arching shade of the maples planted along the old road . . . stepped around the sawed tree branches from yesterdays storm . . . the scattered corn which papa throws out for the turkeys . . . the fading sunset over the pond, and the drooping blossoms of my peonies after the rains.

Photo Clusters Colors No. 01 – Ali Edwards
Life Basics No. 05 Template Set – Cathy Zielske
Everyday Life Prompts Script Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Toothy No. 01 Paper Pack – Cathy Zielske