Carol's Story Scrapbook Challenge helped me get a much needed story written for my Thankful book. This will go with this page in my book. Thanks, Carol.

Lynn Grieveson:
Hallows Eve Mini-Kit (blended paper)
Aeronaut Kit (blended paper)
Worn Strips No. 11
Late Summer Mini-Kit
Katie Pertiet:
Sun Porch Clusters
Font: Texas Hero

Journaling: We found out Dad had cancer in February and by April the type was confirmed. He was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. After that we found out that it was stage 4 and it was in his stomache, lungs, liver and probably countless other places.
I am so thankful for like minds. Every step of the way Dads decisions echoed what I would have done (or at least I think I would have done being that I was not exactly in his shoes.) In any case, my siblings and I were very supportive of his decision not to have treatment. He wasnt feeling any worse than the normal aches and pains that he had had for the past few years and he didnt see any reason to feel miserable for the last part of his life, leave huge bills to be paid and essentially drag out the inevitable. In fact he said it was simple, he was tired.

Dad had never been afraid to die. He told me this on more than one occassion when I was growing up. He also told me that if a UFO landed in our back field that he would be the first one to volunteer to go with them. (His work with the computer system on the Lunar Module may have had something to do with this). He was serious and I remember thinking, NO! You cant leave us and go with aliens! Wed never see you again! But, then when I was older I thought there would surely be a time in my life that one could buy a ride on one of these (like going to the moon or something) and I figured Id just buy him a ticket. Now, its funny, but this is my one regret for him . . . that he never got to go up in that spaceship. (No, Dad, not that you never stood on the burning deck of a whaling ship or figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop; but, that you never got to go with them).

Dad calculated that he had been around the world seven times, had seen almost every country in the developed world, and he had gone to some countries before Americans were even allowed in without special permission. He was his own boss for over 30 years, was married for 52 years, had 6 children and 17 grandchildren. He served in the air force, built a house with his own hands, saw thriteen presidents take office, helped put a man on the moon, lived 20 plus years after a major heart attack, and made and sent his own Jeramiah Johnson Jerky to soldiers overseas for over two decades.

Dad left us to continue his adventures on Thanksgiving morning. He really did live a full life and I think hed say it was a great life, too. I will miss him for the rest of my life and there is an ache in my heart that I know will never really go away, but I know that I will always smile when I think of him - the man that I called, Dad.