The challenge is for National Sportsmanship Day . . . for One Theme, Three Scrappers. Steph has pulled this challenge together and I love her idea! I think that hunters must abide by good sportsmanship just as athletes in competitive sports should. I am making this into a two-page layout with more journaling on the second page.

This layout uses a photograph of our youngest son from a couple of years ago on our farm. He loves to hunt and loves to fill his freezer to feed his family. Fortunately, they love to eat deer, turkey and fish! Im a fan of Butterball myself!

Challenge Kits:
Cut Ups: Sportsmanship
Game Time Brushes and Stamps
Wood Veneer Stars No. 01

Extra Kits:
Carte Post Kit
Christmas Twill
Classic Cardstock: Earthen Paper Pack
Cut Ups: Gratitude
Cutting Files: Feathers No. 01
LayeredBookshelfOverlaysNo01 (coming soon) two of the new overlays are used over the
Notebook Edge Photo Masks No. 09
Spring Fields Solids Paper Pack (blended with the cardstock)