I am scanning all of my photos . . . just started this week, so I’ve miles to go before I rest! I began with 2004 and have found some photographs that I had totally forgotten about . . . this one of our very tall grandson when he was a toddler is one of them. I just noticed that I had forgotten to add the date of the photo . . . I’ll go back and do that before I print it.

Journaling:The old road was dotted with the most wonderful puddles that could ever be. And, you were very hesitant to get all muddy and wet today, so after deciding it was o.k. . . . you took to it “like a duck to water”! Twice it began pouring rain again and again and the two of us ran to the garage again and again. Finally you were so eager to get back to your “puddle-lin” that we decided that we would just play in the rain and get all “soapy wet” as you called it!

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