Katie has this great new template, perfect for playing with blending! I shrunk it a bit and added what I wanted, it's good to play!

This is from a trip we made to our local country park at the end of December, it was colder than we thought it was going to be, but still fun.

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Blending Blocks Layered Template No. 01;
Almost Spring: The Brushes;
Assorted Messy Stitches: Brown No. 02;
Assorted Messy Stitches: Pink No. 01;
Carte Post Kit;
Chalkboard Arrows Brushes and Stamps No. 03;
Clean Clusters and Parts No. 03 Brushes and Stamps;
Collageables No. 01;
Collageables No. 03;
Color My Love Complete Collection;
Hidden Meadow Kit;
Junkyard Garden: Blooms;
Layered Bookshelf Frames No. 01;
Painted Book Paper Pack No. 01;
Snow Fun Element Pack;
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01;
Summer Words Brushes and Stamps;
Terra Botanica Kit;
Terra Botanica Linen Buttons;
Twisted Stitches;
Whimsy Words No. 04; < I love that little hatted penguin so much!
Winter Peony Kit;
Winter Tickets;
Yellow Word Bits No. 01;
You and Me Epoxy Add-Ons;

A Edwards
Hello Family Outline Banners Brushes and Stamps;