Hellas known as Greece

The colors of my country are the blue and white. Blue like its sky and sea and white like the foam of the waves. Our flag is blue and white like them and the nine stripes represent the waves. In the past nine syllables were written on every stripe. The syllables of the words: E-lef-the-ri-a e Tha-na-tos” that means Freedom or Death. Blue is my favorite color too. I love my country’s history that goes 5000 years back, I love its blue shores and its healthy cuisine that is consisted of fishes, vegetables and fine olive oil. I love and admire many countries in the world, but I couldn’t live in one of them for a long time. We, Greeks, call our country “Garden of God”. The name comes from the following anecdote. When God created the world, he called humans to choose a place on the earth where they would like to live. Every group of people chose their land and went there to live. Late at night and while God was ready to go to bed, Greeks, who always do everything the last minute, knocked His door. God answered them that they arrived late and he hadn’t any more land for them. Greeks insisted so much, that in the end God tired said to them: “OK stop! I have kept one little piece of land for myself to be my garden. Take it and let me rest». This garden of God is very rich and many times into its long history became victim of pillage from neighbors and not neighbors. In the present time, another great pillage takes place, a pillage that will stay as the greatest into its history and into the world’s history, too.

Katie Pertiet
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