What a treat to peruse Jenelle's gallery! There were so many lovely layouts to chose from to lift for today's blog challenge... and yes, it's still Saturday here in California! *grin* I lifted "This is Goodness"... I loved the composition of the three separate frames, the connections between them, the brushwork and the title right on the focal photo. Instead of photo frames, I used three blocks of color brushes which I connected (well, sort of...) with the "pencil twists". And, yes, I added my title right on the photo! Thanks, Jenelle... you are always an inspiration!
And, for brush challenged folks like me, Katie made it SO easy to splash color on this page!
Shannon took this photo at the start of the race when all the participants tossed colored powder into the clear blue sky!

You, Katie and Rachel xxxx and Brittany xxxx (a friend of Rachel’s drove to L.A. to be a part of the “Run or Dye” 5K race. You and Katie ran the course; Rachel and Brittany walked. But, all of you had tons of fun... and tons of colors on you when you got home! I think it took a half an hour to clean up! *smiley* But it was worth a fun day with friends! And, some amazing and colorful photos!


Bold and Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Anchors Away Solids Paper Pack
Painted Pastels No. 1
Love Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Touch Up Paint Brushes and Stamps No. 08
Artsy Paint No. 01
Artsy Paint No. 02
Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 07
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01

Thanks for looking! Debi