I just had to make a LO for this challenge! "Svensk" is swedish for the adjective Swedish...

"I have Livonian, German, Norman, Dutch, English and Scottish genes. And my heart beats on so many levels for the US of A.
But I am so very, very Swedish!
My soul is the Swedish coastline, the Swedish literature, our old and fascinating history, our monarchy, the herring, the "snaps" and the "semla"!"

"Layer Works no22" by StudioDD
"Artfully White" by Lynn Grieveson
"Basic Paper Alpha - Yellow", "Blendable Maps no1", "Basic Twills - Chevron no2", "Photo Corners Color no1" and "Postage Strip Words no1" by Katie Pertiet
-all DesignerDigitals

Flag was found through google. I extracted it, erased the pole and made it into a sticker...