I have been taking photos of some of the old furniture from our family homes and thought that I would put together a few pages with them.

Journaling: This room was Mother’s room in the 1920’s. She shared it with her younger sister, Aunt Jinny. The house only had two fireplaces so in the winter the girls would heat bricks in the fireplace and wrap them in a blanket and put them into the bed to warm it. Mother said that their breath would freeze on the sheets during the nights. After Mother died, this was my room when I would stay at Aunt Velma’s house. The room is so sunny and bright and is comforting to me to still have this place of solace with so many memories.

When I was little I can remember slipping into this bed when I was scared or didn’t feel good . . . it was a safe haven. I remember daddy being in the bed often after his brain surgery when I was five . . . it scared me that he was in bed in the daytime. I loved to look & prowl in Mother’s dressing table. I remember a bottle of Shalimar perfume sitting on top of it and remember that she kept her Cain-Sloan credit card in the right-hand top drawer. The card looked like a military dog tag . . . metal with railed numbers in a little brown leather case about 2 inches long. Her little wooden jewelry box sat in the center and she kept my Girl Scout pins and badge sash in the top drawer after I was in college.

Colorful Watery Spots No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
In the Post Kit – Katie Pertiet
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Watery Brushes and Stamps No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Font used is Camelot