This is one of the hardest layouts I've had to do. I mean, how do you capture the wonderfulness that was Pattie in some words on a layout...? Impossible. And how does one smile when one is so sad? Impossible...? Not so much when I think of Pattie 'cuz she always made me smile and I will forever be thankful we shared a friendship, a sisterhood... and a brad, staple or enamel soccer ball or two... Pattie, my friend, you are missed and oh, so loved...

In all the infinite sadness of the past few days, I smile. Because Pattie just made me smile. Always. (See? She's making me smile in this fun, silly photo!) whether we were chatting, emailing, PMing or hanging out in Las Vegas, Pattie made me smile. I think... no, I know... she made everyone smile. And grin. And laugh out loud. She always made me feel special and appreciated. And, no matter what the subject was, we'd end up smiling and laughing and lovin' life again!
And, now... I'll think about Pattie every single time I scrapbook. Honestly. Every time. You see... besides her being a very, very special friend... it's nearly impossible for me to complete a layout without using a brad or staple or that oh-so-very-well-used-and-now-so-precious enamel soccer ball... all created by Pattie.
So, yes,every time I scrap, I'll think of Pattie. And yes, I'll smile. Because she always made me smile. And, always will... I miss you tons, buddy... xoxo...

(except Ali's title word art!)

Little Enamel Accents: Sports
Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners
Staple Its!
DIY Acrylic Alphabet No. 02
Brandons Dragons Page Kit
(red polka dot paper behind left bracket)
Chalk Talk Kit
(striped paper behind right bracket)
Ruff and Ready Kit
(background paper)

Happiness Hand Drawn Brushes
(title word, turned into a sticker)

I'm missing Pattie so much... thanks for looking... Debi