I love you Pattie.

(She hated that we made her endure these photos, but I am so grateful that we made her cooperate. Smile )

To Pattie’s dear family : It probably comes as no surprise that Pattie made us each feel as though we were her favorite. Pattie and I immediately connected when we first met in 2005 through Designer Digitals. Pattie lavished me with her friendship and I simply adored her. My favorite conversation with her happened in Las Vegas (at the time of this photo). She shared what an incredible man she was married to, and how much she loved her family. I have reflected on that conversation many times since. Her deep love for each of you continues to inspire me to be a better mom and wife. That is her lasting legacy. Pattie’s friendship has touched me in so many ways, but then again, I think everyone who knew her would say that. I am forever grateful to have known and loved this incredible woman. All of my love to you.

Pattie Knox
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