I love using masks, so this was a fun challenge!

On Friday night I got very little sleep, between staying up too late scrapping, and children thinking that 4.30 was an acceptable morning start. So it was much appreciated when Peter offered to take the kids to the park. I made myself a cup of coffee, and settled down on the comfiest chair to have a flick through my favourite magazine. Bliss!

Supplies used:
challenge freebie masks;

K Pertiet
basic tags no1;
basic tags no2;
gator crossing kit (stitches);
hey there kit;
metal rimmed alpha;
paint swatches rainbow;
splatters no2;
vintage charm kit;
watery washes no3;
Winter artistry kit;
winter peony kit;

L Grieveson
worn page edges no2;

Maplebrook studios
Dara kit (alpha recolored);
Jacinda kit;
justlinens no27.