For this fifth week of 2013, we mainly had grandchildren at our house everyday. Not dull . . . lots of fun but my photos weren’t great. Grrrrr! My photo mojo is lost it seems.

Journaling: We had buckets of rain this week . . . the robins loved it, but it made for dreary days for the humans! The pond was full and overflowing which was nice & our birds ate like pigs! Mitchell was at our house four days . . . Mitch and Papa worked on the fence on the dry days and he and Monnie worked on jigsaw puzzles on the wet days! We had snow on Friday and Saturday . . . a grand total of 1/2 inch! School was closed on Friday so Mitch, James & Henry all came over for the day. Mitchell got the Gator stuck in the mud on Thursday . . . he will help Papa pull it out with the tractor when the weather warms and the ground dries out a bit. Papa went to the farm a couple of days to be sure that the cows had enough to eat and to check up on the little calves.

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