For this fourth week of 2013, we went on a short vacation with old Army friends from the late 1960s when we were neighbors in Germany. I took some photos, but not as many as I planned to take. Too busy having fun I suppose! Now Im caught up and feel good about being able to finish the fourth week and start on week five.

Journaling: We left home Sunday morning and drove straight through to the beach. Barb & Dave met us there arriving just a little after we got arrived. We were like four kids looking forward to our fist vacation! The highpoints were food, conversation, beach and photographs, golf, shopping, talking and walking. More photos and talking! Gotta add in some Scrabble for Barb & Mollie! The guys played golf and Barb & Mollie walked, shopped, went to 3 bookstores, lunch at Panera. We enjoyed dinner out each evening and breakfast out each morning! No cooking at all. We went to the BX so Mollie could buy her new MacBook Pro! Barb and I love haunting Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Sun Dog books in Seaside. We girls split a fabulous piece of Modica market coconut cake. We all left for home on Saturday morning. Ernie and I stopped for a short visit with the kids. They had just gotten home from the circus so we stayed for a couple of hours and got back home about eleven oclock.

In the Swim Kit (sunglasses, altered with PSE filter) Pattie Knox
Jans Paper Pack Lynn Grieveson
Krafty Ledger Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Rounded Corner Clipping Masks Brushes Katie Pertiet
Times Of Your Life Hand Drawn Brushes Ali Edwards
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