Tom LOVES his 'papa', my dad. I know dad loves him too. Whenever we go across to visit, Tom can tell when we're getting close to their house and points directions for me, before calling on papa, and running in the door to see him. Mum took this photo at my nephew's 2nd birthday party, and I had to nick it to scrap it! :D

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Assorted Patterned Tapes: December No. 01;
Baby Buddies Mega Kit (staples);
Basic Twills: Plain;
Fine Line Twists No. 01;
Gator Crossing Kit;
Graphed Paper Pack No. 02;
Holiday Trimmings MegaPack;
Ledger Grids No. 03 Brushes and Stamps;
Letter Box Chevrons Brushes and Stamps No. 01;
On the Go Kit;
Painted Edgers No. 01;
Red, Black and Creme Kit;
Watery Chevrons No. 02 Brushes and Stamps;
Watery Stars Brushes and Stamps No. 01;
Winter Park Epoxies;
Worth Repeating Expressions No. 05 Brushes and Stamps;

L Grieveson
Forecast Kit;
Franklin Kit;
French Summer Kit;
Parade Days Kit;
Poppies Kit;

Maplebrook studios
Jelly Alphabet No. 02;
Rory Kit;

P Knox
DIY Acrylic Alphabet No. 02;
Felt Board Friends: Tot Transport No. 01;

A Edwards
Family circle (from challenge freebie).