Yea! Third week finished and it is still fun. Please donít think that I keep our tree up this long every year (*wink*) . . . I am going through ALL of our decorations and purging some of the ones we donít use anymore. Iím setting a box out for the kids to take if they want them, and will take the rest to Goodwill when I finish. I took quiet a few things to Goodwill before Christmas and will feel good when our Christmas closet isnít quiet so crowded when I get the decorations out next Christmas. I have a lot of decorations . . . and that is an understatement Iím afraid!

Journaling: Church, Sunday School & the Bonefish for brunch on Sunday. Monday lunch with the girls and then we picked up Mitchell after his doctor's appointment and later after school we got the other two boys and spend the afternoon working puzzles and getting the tree down at last! Henry was my undecorating helper! Organizing our Christmas closet, a Seniorís luncheon at church, which was yummy & interesting program too. Papa went to the farm 2 or 3 days to pamper his cows, and Monnie spent time looking for a new laptop. The weather wasnít wonderful . . . we jumped from tornado warnings when we ducked into our bathroom safe space to torrential rains and stopped up gutters to clean out. The temperatures have hop-scotched all over the place this week.

All I Want For Christmas Brushes and Stamps Ė Ali Edwards
Celebrate Christmas Paper Pack No. 02 (yellow paper saturated a bit)Ė Katie Pertiet
Felt Board Friends: Jingle Bell Felts No. 02 (Christmas Ornaments . . . Altered) Ė Pattie Knox
Krafty Ledger Paper Pack Ė Katie Pertiet
Rounded Corner Clipping Masks Brushes Ė Katie Pertiet
Sentiments + Greetings Hand Drawn Brushes Ė Ali Edwards
Times Of Your Life Hand Drawn Brushes Ė Ali Edwards