When we went to Philippe Park for a little photo walk, I had to beg for your cooperation. I know you hate feigning interest when Iím trying to get the shot. But the camera loves you. Lately, I have to look at you a lot, because Iím trying to match the image in my mindís eye with the image I see through the lens. Most of my stares (when I canít hide them) are met with: ďwhat?!Ē. I think I get how it makes you feel. But the reason I stare is that youíre turning into a full-fledged guy, right in front of my eyes. Itís the strangest feeling to know that in my mind, I still see you as a little dude who loves to build with blocks and plays with Matchbox cars. I know youíre in a different place now, and Iím doing my best to keep up with your changes.

Cathy Zielske
By The Numbers Layered Template Set No 01

Katie Pertiet
Hey There Kit
Hey There Cardstocks
Hey There Border Strips