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Wednesday 12th December 2012

Nearly got collected by kamakazee cockatoos and correllas on the way to work today. There is a gaggle, a swarm, a flock, whatever you want to call it, but a

flipping huge amount of them around Ellerslie, and as I drove through they took flight every which way flying across the road and into the path of the cars.

Would have made a great photo, but I was more hanging onto the steering wheel making sure I didnít run off the road.

Another sensational day weather wise, but Mike has been finding it very hot in the shed, and his machine settings are all over the place. And yet still he wears

his beloved flannelette shirts! At least I get the nice sea breezes when Iím at work in Warrnambool.

I was so excited to win a prize from 12wbt today when my blog was announced in the top 10 blogs of the round. I won a $250 pack from Dermaviduals skin care range.

With Mikeís birthday tomorrow, his fervent wish once again is not to have birthday cake, but to have birthday pav. So I made the shell tonight, ready to decorate tomorrow with strawberries, cream and chocolate shavings. He has always wished to have a pav all for himself, tomorrow his wish comes true!

Mike went to the town meeting today held by Telstra. As it happened our internet went down again this morning. When Mike told the CEO at the meeting, he thought nothing would come of it. Imagine his surprise when a knock at the door later that afternoon saw two Telstra technicians there to check out the line.

Wow, Telstra are trying to earn the trust of the people back again. They went through the procedures for compensation to business for being without phones or internet for near on two weeks.

Had to laugh when I saw Molly lumber up to Mike while he was reading his book tonight. Iím sure she was waiting for him to tell her a story.

More present wrapping tonight, will it ever end?