Getting there! Thank goodness I am doing the journalling each day, it would be hard if I didn't.

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Tuesday 11th December 2012

Another hard day for both of us - I was alone in the office again, the phones didnít stop. And Mike had a hot day in the shed. Although he was quite pleased

with himself as during the day he had grabbed my camera and took a photo for the December Daily. Hmmmm, the old crow is developing a bad habit. Love the depth

of field that Mike got on the photo though.

I popped down the street at lunch time looking for a nice outfit for Christmas day. I tried on some capri pants at Sussans and was jumping about in the

changeroom because the size 14 fit me! Yippee.

I realised I missed out on a humdinger of a photo for the December Daily page today. I was pulled over by the police on the way home for a breathalyser. Arrgh!

And I had the camera sitting on the seat in the car next to me. Would a selfie taking the breathalyser have been out of bounds? I think not, but I would never

have lived it down at work.

It did make me laugh, Shannon nearly didnít recognise me. She saw my car but not recognising the driver was wondering who was driving, she said my face had

changed so much since she last saw me. That comment alone has me on a high tonight.

Checked out Eddieís oranges hanging off the tree over the back fence to see if I could cheekily pick any, then I had a date with Jamie Oliver on telly.

I am going to try my hardest to finish wrapping the presents tonight. Iím fiddling around way too much on the ribbons and bells and pom poms and goodness knows

what Iím attaching. Hey but thatís the way I roll, right? I wonder if anyone will notice in the paper unwrapping frenzy? Maybe Mike will help wrap tonight.

Maybe not!