The minute I saw the template challenge on the DD blog, I knew what I wanted to document... funny how I've never jotted down any of these years-old traditions! Thanks for the challenge, Kim!

PREPARATIONS: The kids would go to Mom and Dad’s a few days early to help set up for Christmas Eve... cleaning silver and china, baking cookies, picking up rolls at the bakery, unpacking the card tables and chairs... they absolutely loved it!
THE BOLER FAMILY: Going to Bud and Martha’s for dinner on Christmas. We’d always have drinks, pass out presents and unwrap them at the same time in a frenzy! After dinner, we’d take a family photo in front of the fireplace. Where did all those photos go?
SANTA CLAUS: We would visit Santa at the Santa Ana Country Club with Bud and Martha. Before dinner was a puppet show... magicians and balloon artists would wander thru the dinner tables. And then... one-by-one the tables were called to see Santa!
CHRISTMAS DINNERS: It was turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, lots of side dishes and cookies at Mom and Dad’s. Martha would prepare prime rib and make plum pudding. Bud or Gary would pour rum on the pudding at “set it on fire”... so exciting!
THE EHLERS FAMILY: Dinner and clean-up always came before opening the presents. Everyone pitched in so it’d be quicker until presents! The kids would sit in a circle and open one present at a time, by age: Jeff, Derek, Jake, Shannon, Walker and Laney.
DECORATIONS: We would put up the outside lights the weekend after Thanksgiving, but no decor on the inside would go up until after Shannon’s birthday party! I never wanted her to think Christmas was more special than her birthday!
SLEEPING OVER: Until just a few years ago, we would spend Christmas Eve over night at Mom and Dad’s and Santa would come to San Pedro! It was so much fun to have my parents there to see the kids’ excitiment on Christmas morning!
CAROLING: When the kids were little and too impatient waiting for clean- up before opening presents, Dad, Rick, Dale and Merle would take the kids caroling on the block while the moms would clean-up after dinner. Everyone loved it!
THE TREE: After Derek and Shannon set up our pretty “fake” tree, it’s my turn to string the lights. Then Rick hands out all the ornaments to us, making sure a hanger is attached to each one. The last thing to go on is the topper and Rick gets that honor!
NEW YEAR’S EVE: Until Derek turned 21, we spent NYE at our house eating homemade “trail mix”, M&Ms and red licorice with Massimo’s pizza for dinner! We watch movies until 11:30 and then it’s time for Dick Clark’s broadcast from New York City!


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