Please forgive my absence from the gallery and forum. In my part of the state we are living in the Stone Age, literally! The telephone exchange burnt down last Thursday so from Thursday onwards we have had no phone, no internet connection, no ATMS or eftpos (it's cash everything, too bad if you haven't got cash, no credit cards being used). It's affected 60,000 homes. We have mobile coverage (cell phone) and the landlines will go back on Friday from all accounts with internet a lot later. Eeeek. Mike bought a wireless dongle (the last one sold in this town) and is using it sparingly for business purposes, and it seems to be sketchy at best, working sometimes, then dropping out. So I'm just sneaking in some uploads while he's not looking Wink

Oh and a lot of journalling in this page, but it's a story I want to remember forever, such a fun fun crazy day.

(shall link up the products when I am able)

Katie Pertiet:
Cherished Artistry No. 2
Mixed Stamped Alpha Brushes-n-Stamps
Vintage photo frames No.2 (curled and flat)
Colorful Journalers
Banner Safety Tags No. 1
Painted Edgers No.4
Watery Corners & Edges No.2
Watery Photo Masks No.2
Journal Strips No.1
Splatters Brushes & Stamps No.3
watery Spots Brushes & Stamps No. 5
Bead Scatterings No. 4

Lynn Grieveson:
Petit Jacques Kit (mesh)

Pattie Knox:
Fasten Its 2

Font: Bebete and Junction

Journalling: (on page 2)