Changed the template a little since I only had one photo to use (she wouldn't sit still any longer! LOL!)

"It's difficult to get a photo of Ginger since she is always on the move wiggling one way or the other, but in a rare moment of stillness, I snapped this photo of her. She is just over a year old now and still very much a puppy. But sometimes, at night, when all is still, she will jump up on the bed and snuggle next to me for just a few moments of peace. While I love her exuberant energy, I savor those moments of quietness and comfort. -- November 21, 2012"

Template Inspiration 112412 - Katie Pertiet
Colette Paper - Lynn Grieveson
Spot Dots Brushes No 2 - Katie Pertiet
Ariel Solids - Michelle Martin
Blush Stitched Frame - Katie Pertiet
10 Things 2 Heart Staples - Anna Aspnes
Between the Lines Dings - Katie Pertiet
Mellykats ThisNThat Metal Rim Alpha