Welcome to our family, little Scout! We’ve waited for a long time for you and we’re so glad you’re here. Andrew didn’t have any concept of how small a kitten was or how to interact with you at first but you’ve done such a sweet job of getting to know him. He was the first one whose lap you settled into, the first one that you had the chance to play with really. And even when he was tentative, you sought him out and showed him how to be friends with you. You’ve also shown him how to respect you and hissed at him when he moved a little too quickly for you. It was kind of funny to see Andrew react to you standing up for yourself but we were so glad that you did. There’s a lot to learn together in your new house. We’re having so much fun with you and while I’m sure the girls are going to try and baby you constantly, I think you and Andrew are going to become the best of friends. I can’t wait to watch you grow up together and probably get into trouble together.

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