An "ordeal" from this past summer. Sorry for the "potty talk" but I just had to get this story down. Thanks for looking!

Journaling -
On our first morning in Las Vegas Kyle wouldnít eat anything. Odd behavior for him but I didnít think too much of it and took him out to Target. Huge yucky poop that I had to change in the store restroom. Still didnít think much of it and went across the parking lot to the grocery store. Then came another poop. This time I realized it was diarrhea and grabbed a bottle of Pedialyte before heading out to the car to change Kyleís diaper. Our pediatrician recommends stopping all solid food and to give only clear liquids so this was my plan of action. Kyle was happy most of the day and drank some water and Pedialyte, but nighttime was another story. Kyle started waking up around 1am, throwing up and dry heaving. He would fall back to sleep quickly only to wake up and do it again. When he finally woke up for the day we went downstairs and I got him a drink (which he downed) and a banana that he literally grabbed from my hands and started shoving in his mouth. We were sitting on the floor in the kitchen and he had dropped his blanket in the hall where he could see it. When he was done eating he climbed off me, crawled over to his blanket and instantly fell asleep in this position. He didnít move an inch for a good two hours. Iím not sure if he was dehydrated or not, but I suspect he was and I felt like the worst mom ever. Seeing him sleeping peacefully like this was very bitter sweet. I was so glad he was getting some extra rest but so sorry that he needed it

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