Each spring these birds migrate to our part of the world to breed. I love their distinctive calls and wait hoping they will find mates. The males (black) are more easily seen and call well into the night. This year again our Mulberry Tree provided a transit home for one couple who spent a few days together. The females do not build nests but lay their eggs in nests of other birds to be raised. Nature is so amazing!


I know it is spring when the sound of the first male Koel is heard calling for a mate. You have returned again to our part of the world to breed. Then others join you and your calls cry out well into the night. I love your distinctive voice and worry as your calls become more urgent and hope that there are enough migrating females. This year again our Mulberry Tree provided a brief transit point for you and your mate. I would love to know in which nest the egg was laid. And as I sit here now another male calls. Our tree holds enough fruit to satisfy you too. I am waiting with my camera for more photos.

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