Okay so last night I got to meet a Rock Legend here in Australia. In my youth he was tall, dark and handsome. Yep well I will grant you he is still tall, the dark I would say comes from a bottle of hair dye and handsome, well in my memories he was Smile But he still has that "IT" factor that made me swoon. A totally amazing night for me, I floated the whole way home after the concert. Poor Mike! I turned into quite the giggling teenager.

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So I admit it, I have had a long standing ‘crush’ on Jon English. Growing up, this Australian Rock Icon got me through my teenage years. The long hair, the dark sultry eyes, it was all just a bit ‘naughty’ !!

He came to Warrnambool again, this time with the Rock Revolution Show and once again I got to meet him after the show. This time I came prepared with a camera.

Last time I met him back in 2010, I told him I loved the show, admitted that I had his posters on my bedroom wall when I was growing up to which he puffed out his chest, until I added “yes, right next to the Bay City Rollers” which brought out loads of laughter from the rest of the crew. Way to go Carol in the smooth stakes!

This time I wanted to play it cool. I told him I had a great night and asked if we could get a photograph. But once Mike aimed the camera, I slipped my arm around him quickly and there was a look of fear on his face in the photograph, I think in case I had plans of jumping the table and landing on his lap!

Even now at age 63, the man still has it, the voice is still there, as are the moves, albeit a bit slower. But quite frankly he could strut his stuff till he’s 100 and I’d still come back for more!