Thank you CZ, for the inspiration to document my little Kevin and Winnie. Smile

When Jake asked to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary this year, my initial reaction was to turn him down. It’s expensive and exhausting. I didn’t think I had the fortitude to suffer the lines and hassle. Michael is the one who said, “These years are going by fast, and he won’t want to do this much longer”. That’s all it took for me. When we told Jake we were going, he was ecstatic. We offered to take Lani as a surprise to both of them. It was a priceless moment when I put Lani’s ticket in front of her. The experience was extra special because Lani had only been to Disney once at two years old. The kids talked about it for weeks. Lani told me that Friday afternoon at school, all she could do was say to herself, “Disney, Disney, Disney!” There’s a short window of life when anticipating an event creates magical memories. The excitement dwarfs everything else. I know now, it’s a fleeting time, gone in the blink of an eye.

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