Journaling reads:
In typical Cade fashion, cade began planning for his eighth birthday well in advance. He wanted a carnival “Claw” toy and a Black and White webkinz (with a kinz clip). Mom had convinced him that he wasn’t getting the “Claw” and that he didn’t need anymore webkinz! His birthday fell on a school day this year, so he was greeted with sprinkle pancakes for breakfast (candle included) and then it was off to school for the day. Mom brought in cupcakes for him to share with his school friends. IN the evening, we celebrated as a family. Cade’s dinner of choice was salisbury steak, and he had a “toon town” birthday cake, courtesy of mom. The day ended with opening presents, and he got some great gifts...and the “Claw” and his Black and white webkinz (with a kinz clip), just like he wanted!

(the repetition of the "with a kinz clip" is because he says that part every.single.time. he talks about that particular stuffed animal. Wink )

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