Wow... I think I'm late, but this was so much fun! As a simple scrapper, you'd think I could do this in 30 minutes... not! LOL
And, yes, I used the frame twice... I stacked the two frames on top of each other, turning the top one on its side.
Thanks for the challenge, Kathleen!

it’s no surprise that i love chipotle and have been known to eat there more than once... or twice... or thrice... a week. (actually, one week, i ate at chipotle four times, if the truth be told!) but, cristina holds the record for eating there five times one week! yes, she and i share a ‘strange addiction’! (hahaha) so... when we decided to keep in touch while shannon is gone, it was only logical that we meet up for dinner at--where else--chipotle! we’ve met twice so far: once for dinner and once for lunch. it’s great fun for me and cristina must’ve had fun ‘cuz she texted again for a second time! LOL we chat about about missing shannon, of course, but i also love hearing about her classes at FIDM and what she’s been up to, as well. and i have to say that i think it’s pretty cool that one of shannon’s friends thinks i’m cool enough to meet in public without shannon! *wink* --october 2012

The 30MM Freebie! Thank you!

Charlie Kit

CHIPOTLE logo (turned into a sticker!) from Chipotle's website

Thanks for looking! Debi