Nice to have a man around to get some photos of me. We celebrated a year since we met with a weekend away walking and taking photos. Perfect!

Georgina for your wonderfully inspiring layout.

Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Natural Beauty and Into the Night, Collageables No 4, Factory Words Everyday No. 1, Colour Flares, Hinge Pack, Candid Elements, Chandra Elements, Dynamic Glows No. 1, Flagged Dates No. 1, Photo corners colours No. 1, Cut Ups Photography, Watery Chevrons #1, Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 4, Taped Word Strips No. 1, Clean Stitched Borders White No. 1

Andrea Victoria : Signature Herringbone No. 2

Lynn Grieveson: Worn Page Edges, Blossom Festival Alpha

Patti Knox: Fasten Its No. 3

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