I am in a "girls" (ahem) group, know locally as the "we have ate" girls. Our title came around when we stopped at a Shoney's many, many years ago and the hostess asked how many would we have . . . we said "we have eight". She gave us a puzzled look and immediately said, "if you have ate, then do you just want coffee anyway?" We have been having lunch together every Monday for somewhere around 24 years . . . we go on trips together occasionally and celebrate each other's birthdays on a special night out the month of our big days!

Tonight we are celebrating my friend Olivia's birthday and I am in charge of the celebration at the Bonefish Restaurant. We have dinner (dutch treat), four or five desserts (my treat tonight) and give each other a card containing $175.00 (this rotates around and we usually just keep the money we receive and give it to the next honoree!! And, because I am in charge tonight, this is the card which I made for Olivia tonight. I think I love it!! Those of you who grew up with Betsy McCall paper dolls will understand the significance of my card.

card front:


card inside:


Arboreta Solids Paper Pack - Katie Pertiet, and Katie's Marker Font
paper dolls scanned from my childhood collection