I am a huge fan of Alexander McCall Smith’s series of books set in Botswana. I’m crazy about Mma Ramotswe & Mma Makutsi. When I read I often jot down passages & quotes that inspire me or make me chuckle . . . this passage about doughnuts is one of them! I really, really never buy glazed donuts unless we have a crowd in the house . . . I promise! But, a few weeks ago we were keeping our youngest granddaughter who was being potty trained. She told me that when she went to the potty that we could get a donut. Well, she didn’t . . . but we both had a donut for a treat anyway that day!! Potty training can be stressful for a grandmother.

Journaling: I just love Krispy Cream donuts . . . I close my eyes when I pass them at the grocery or drive by the store. I almost never buy them . . . but when the grandchildren are here I'll admit that I use that excuse to indulge in one of life's simple pleasures!

“We don’t have to eat doughnuts all day”, said Mma Ramotswe. “There are other things to do.”
Mma Makutsi raised an eyebrow. It was a bit extreme of Mma Ramotswe to suggest that doughnuts were being consumed all day. Two doughnuts in one morning was not excessive, surely, and Mma Ramotwe would not normally turn up her nose at the possibility of a couple of doughnuts. Unless . . . Well, that would be an extraordinary development. Mma Ramotswe on a diet! ~ from Blue Shoes & Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith

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