I didn’t pay attention to the time zone yesterday for Kathleen’s 30mm Challenge Chat . . . so I was an hour late to the party! I downloaded the freebie kits and worked up a page last night . . . it took me more than 30 minutes . . . more like 45, I think . . . wasn't in a hurry cuz my clock wasn't ticking! The idea for the bakers twine came from Squeak aka Shirley’s page and the use of the Tabbed Dates from the example page Kathleen gave us from Ali. Thanks, Kathleen . . . I wish that I had been with you for the entire hour and not for just the last two minutes!

Journaling: Mark, you are a little monkey . . . sure footed and adventurous . . . unafraid of anything and into everything! Somehow you used the 2-foot tall little plastic table to get your footing and shimmied your way to the top of the 7-foot tall fence to see your little friend, Lynley who lives next door! But, you couldn’t get back down!!

Bakers Twine Assortment No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Notebook Paper Pack No. 04 – Katie Pertiet
Tabbed Dates No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Typesets All Boy No. 01 Brushes and Stamps ("b" extended upward) – Cathy Zielske
from the 30mm freebie – September 9, 2012:
Chandra Solids Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Clean Stitched Banners: White No. 01 (squished & stretched)– Katie Pertiet
Photo Clusters No. 16 (an extra frame added)– Katie Pertiet