Things are finally starting to settle down into more of a routine around the Holmes House after a busy and unpredictable Summer schedule. I decided to scrap week 35 using only the Instagram pictures I took during the week with my iPhone. This is increasingly the way I am documenting everyday life around here. It is so easy to take out the phone which I always have with me -- and take a photo, make it into an Instagram photo and share with Facebook, Twitter and in my Flickr account. I can also add a short description so I remember what I was thinking at the time I took the photo. I take the photos with my iPhone camera first so that I can have the unedited and full 8 mp size to do something else with if I choose -- then I can also use it with Instagram is I like.

Most of these photos are from our trip to Stone Harbor, NJ to Mom's beach house for Labor Day weekend. Mom is still in rehab so she couldn't come with us, but we called her a few times to chat. My sister Kate's family and our family has a good time enjoying the last of Summer -- even though it was cloudy most of the weekend. I particularly enjoyed the kayak trip around the back bay.

Products Used:
Becky Higgins Cobalt project life digital elements and templates from Jessica
Katie Pertiet kraft cardstock
Michelle Martin white cardstock from Ethan collection