I love the page “my team” created by Maruma. It is the perfect one for Saturday’s Scraplift this weekend. I used a photograph of my pincushion, which sits beside my sewing machine and is in constant use. The bright red tomato seems to be a constant in the world of sewing; I remember my grandmother having an old one with the sawdust falling out, my mother and my aunt Velma having similar ones too. I found this quotation online and simply love the sentiment expressed by this creative lady over a century ago . . . her words are so true in our family.


Botanist Notebook No. 06 Kit (needle) – Katie Pertiet
Clean Stitched Borders: Brown No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 04 – Maplebrook Studios
Pin Its! – Pattie Knox
Worn Chevrons No. 01 (color changed slightly) – Lynn Grieveson
Worn Chevrons Do-It-Yourself (stitching only) – Lynn Grieveson
Fonts: Katie's Marker Thin Font & Jefferson