No, it isn’t Thanksgiving where we live! It is the middle of summertime . . . and hot as blue blazes. Each summer we are treated to a delightful show of Gobblers . . . or turkeys if you like. Papa most always finds their nesting places and counts the eggs . . . many times coyotes, foxes, skunks or occasionally a snake will raid the nests and break the eggs. And, since the mother turkey is so protective she will loose her life protecting her eggs. Those happy numbers who survive will entertain us throughout the summer . . . from the tiny scraggly looking chicks to the adolescents I see today. After watching the PBS documentary “Turkey Man” about Joe Hutto, we have a new appreciation of the intelligence of these interesting birds.

Journaling: We have watched these turkeys for a while now . . . from the time they were eggs to little brown fuzzy toddlers to the now adolescents that they are. Still their mothers’ stay close . . . watching, teaching and nurturing them. We have listened to their language and their seemingly fearlessness when we approach them. Papa has taken to putting out cracked corn for them in the driveway under the big shade trees that line the drive so now we see enjoy them practically anytime we go down our drive. The little ones are the size of a laying hen now and can pretty much take care of themselves I suppose, but I love to see the three mother hens staying close by their dozen or more active teens!

Carte Post Kit - Katie Pertiet
Cut Ups: Numerically Written – Katie Pertiet
Cut Ups: Gratitude – Katie Pertiet
Stamped and Framed Layered Template Photobook No. 04 – Katie Pertiet
(I have used two of these beautiful templates and interchanged some of the parts)