One clever little mama mouse made her nest somewhere in our utility room outside of the house this spring. She had three or four little ones and somehow they were able to climb into the big white bucket of sunflower seeds (which were designated for birds only)! They were so cute that a portrait was necessary before they were released into the backfield from where they will likely make it back inside our house next winter.

Journaling: We are plagued with mice . . . yes, those cute little grey, whiskery, black eyes little darlings which nursery tales hold so dear. They love us when weary winter is coming fast and cozy here, beneath the blast. They love us when spring is wet and puddley . . . and, in summer when they are craving a bit of cool. They eat our crackers, our cookies, our flour and even our dish clothes. They get into my Christmas decorations and make their wee mousie-housie by tearing away at a favorite Santa’s beard and feast on a bit of chocolate that was waiting for a place of honor on next year’s gingerbread creation. Alas, they love us so much that we must show some tough love and “take” them outdoors! Alas, we don’t love them so much any more.

The cute poem by Rose Fyleman. Credit needs to be given to Robert Burns for a “bit o’ words” from his poem “To a Mouse” which I have always dearly loved! Seems that wee Robby has a certain way with words that evades me.

(I hope that Shirley (squeak) sees this page!) LOL

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