Week 15 for my project 52 book

Catching up on my project 53 pages . . . I dropped on the wagon in early April and have my work cut out for me now! My pages are so simple; and I really have no excuse to not do each of them on time . . . and really no reason at all not to catch up quickly! Fingers crossed.

Journaling: It is Easter SUNDAY and we don’t have any of the children around . . . sort of too quiet for me. After Sunday school & Church we ate lunch and then came home to do battle with the ants in the house. MONDAY morning I stopped at Bill Robert’s office on my way to Aunt Velma’s house. I worked upstairs and took some sacks of clothing to Goodwill. Later I worked on the kitchen until I was worn out. The house was freezing so I turned up the heat and went to bed and slept like a rock! TUESDAY I went to the Cookeville Food Bank with all from the pantry and worked more in the house. I rushed home to get the boys by their 2:30 pick-up. Boys stayed here until almost 7 and then we went to Jackson’s baseball game . . . freezing outside! Sheri sent a cute photo of Andrew at his baseball game holding the tooth he lost! WEDNESDAY night we had Jane’s birthday at the Bonefish. Ed has a sick cow so he was at the farm all day taking care of her and her new calf. On THURSDAY I picked up the boys from school and took them to eat and then they came here. They “helped” Papa pull out some dead trees behind the pond. Jackson felt bad on FRIDAY and had to go to Children’s Hospital to see his doctor. I enjoyed talking to Lucy Friday night. Melinda gave me the name of a realtor for Aunt Velma’s house. We went to James’s game on SATURDAY afternoon. Bess sent me some really cute photographs of the children made on Easter Sunday that I love!


Journaling page 02: All of these photos were sent to me from Bess’s camera. I love that we were able see the children on Easter Sunday. Bess is becoming a fabulous photographer and gets just the sweetest photos of the children.

100% Designer Digitals:
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