I'm having great fun playing with painting techniques. I wish I could tell you which one this is, but I'm afraid I've played so much I've lost track of what I did. I do know I left the fresco layer off because it made the picture too dark, and I used chalk and charcoal instead of charcoal, but darned if I know what else I did.

Journaling reads:
"My neighbor from across the street stopped over to admire my new flower beds this morning. He noticed that I had my camera in my hand and asked if that’s what I did. I told him it was only a hobby, and we talked a little more. Finally, he said”Why don’t you come over and see my lily? It bloomed all bright and yellow this morning,” And so I did. And while I was there, he told me how the little pond had been for his wife, Peggy. She ‘d had terminal cancer, and he’d built it for her because she liked to sit by the one at the hospice so much. They’d put in several koi, and she’d named each of them. Peggy died about this time last year, and he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of the pond or the koi, because, well, they’re sort of like children now. And they bring him fond memories of Peggy, whom he’d loved deeply and still misses. And so this is...." for Peggy.

Katie Pertiet
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