Week 25 for my project 52 book

Catching up on my project 365 pages . . . I dropped off the wagon in early April and now I have my work cut out for me now! My pages are so simple; so I really have no excuse not to do each of them on time . . . and really no reason at all not to catch up quickly! Fingers crossed . . . I am going to try to work forward and backwards at the same time until the pages meet in the middle.

Journaling: Busy, busy week at our house! Monday was my regular lunch date with my girlfriends . . . and later the boys came over to swim. Tuesday was jammed full of errands and appointments. On Wednesday I took the boys to lunch at Chick-fil-a and then back to our house to swim and play. Thursday our little wren’s who nested in the umbrella stroller hanging in the garage flew out and into the world. Later, I saw a man selling blackberries near our house . . . so I turned the car around and bought a gallon to eat and to freeze. I made a Blackberry Cobbler almost immediately and ate way too much of it myself . . . even before the kids all came in for the weekend! Nothing is better than fresh blackberries in the summer. Shari came with Cassie about two . . . Cassie immediately jumped into her swim suit and then into the pool! Friday afternoon Ken and Andrew came up after Ken got off work. I baked a frozen casserole from Aunt Velma’s freezer . . . it was spoiled so into the garbage it went and we went to O’Charley’s for supper. Saturday the boys all came here and then Papa and Ken took the five kids to the farm. I had hotdogs, baked beans, mac & cheese and cobbler for supper for all of us. The highlight of the week was the little box turtle, which Cassie found and brought to our house . . . he was simply darling and so tiny. A fun week . . . the kids had a good time together . . . and I'm still laughing at Henry's googly eyes in this photograph!


2nd page journaling: We have had little wren nesting in the old unmrella stroller hanging in the garage for the third year in a row. Ernie will get a flashlight and I my camera to see them each day. This photo was made on Wednesday. On Thursday I was in the garage and saw three btiny babies carrening around the garage . . . bumping into the walls and then off into the wild blue yonder!

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