I played around with Katie’s watercolor technique from her blog. The photograph is of one of our granddaughters.

Journaling:It is October and the weather is beautiful, so your mama and Monnie took you to the botanical gardens to walk and run . . . and to take some photographs for your one and a half birthday. You brought along baby huggums and your little wooden rabbit pull toy, but you were more interested in the swinging gate. You did mash your finger once and had lots of tears, but cheered when you spied an old lady sitting on a bench smiling at you . . . this was an invitation for you to so to play with her it seems. We knew that the lady enjoyed your attention so much. You lasted quiet a long time before beginning to get hungry and tired, so we went for lunch and then it was to home for a long nap after your busy day. Anderson, you bring all of your family so much joy . . . even Mark who was only three said that he didn’t know what he did before you were born.

Getting There Kit – Pattie Knox
Mod Bebe Girl Kit (bow) – Andrea Victoria
Simple Celebrations Baby Elements – Ali Edwards
Watery Brushes and Stamps No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Watery Photo Masks No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Yesteryear Add-On Lace – Katie Pertiet
(I placed a layer of the very palest blue over the Getting There paper and used the
multiply option to make it fade into the paper and preserve the texture.)