It has been cloudy, steamy with off - on drizzle & rain today. I had lunch with my Monday lunch bunch and then decided that it was the perfect day to stay inside . . . read and play with some photographs and some of the new items coming to the store. I have had such fun!! For this page, I used three of the new items from Lynn & Katie . . . you are going to love them so much . . . I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! Lynn’s new textured papers are exquisite and her newest set of worn edges are amazing. You will love the soft and gentle fade that they give to your photographs. When I saw Katie’s ‘Childhood Blendables’ I nearly swooned . . . yep, swooned! They are so old-fashioned and remind me of illustrations which were in books my mother could have read in the early part of the 1900’s. I was hooked immediately and plan to use each one somehow, sometime. Our little soon to be three-year-old granddaughter does love to dress up . . . be it a princess costume or one of her "petty" dresses. This little yellow one was picked up at a tag sale . . . it is probably from the 1930's and is in astonishingly perfect condition!

In the South we dress up our little ones and let them play outside in what we call Yard Dresses! Love that!!

Journaling: Your mama loves to dress you up in pretty little dresses. There is an abundant supply of them for sure. You have all of your sister’s hand-me-down and many of your Mama’s old dresses and then there are the ones that Monnie has made for you or has bought for you to wear. You see, little Amelia you are probably the last baby for your Mama and Daddy and the last grandbaby for Monnie and Papa and we do love for you to look very dear. Your Mama is wise and will let you play outside and get dirty and muddy in them and will not fuss at your to stay clean. She lets you wear your best and your worst little yard dresses and loves to see you enjoy twirling and playing all the day long. You are only little once sweet darling. You will grow into big girl clothes all too soon.

Products from Designer Digitals:
Childhood Blendables No. 01) – Katie Pertiet (used on the layout edges too)
All White Now Paper Pack) – Lynn Grieveson
Worn Photo Edges No. 07: Soft Fade) {gentle fade} – Lynn Grieveson (used on the photo and on the background paper's edges too)
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