This page is for Heritage Challenge No. 53. I am using a couple of old photographs from my first birthday taken by my mother of my daddy and me. I lost my daddy almost 25 years ago and I miss him every day . . . and I think so often of things which he taught me and conversations that we had over the years!

Journaling: These photos were made four days after my first birthday on June 30th 1946. I was an only child and obviously loved by both my parents. I wish that little children could have memories of those first few wonderful years where life is seemingly about one little self-centered baby and two parents whose lives are centered around the child. Those must be wonderful days, months and years. I have very few photographs of me with my daddy so I especially treasure these two. I never paid much attention to them before, but now the fact that daddy is holding me with both his hands really jumps out. You see, Daddy had a brain tumor only three years after these photos were made and lost the used of his left hand. I think that daddy never held me with the ease of this day after his surgeries.

But, stop him . . . no siree! After he recovered and went through physical therapy he took up right were he left off in my life, never letting his handicap keep him from doing what he wanted. He taught me to never complain and that no matter what happens to a person that there is always someone else in worse shape. I remember when daddy helped a young girl learn to so many things for herself after losing the use of one of her hands and also I can remember thinking that it was no big deal . . . how wrong I was . . . this was a big deal in the girls life her mother later told me. Examples such as this are still being told to me after over 50 years . . . what a legacy my daddy left to me!

you taught me how to ride my bicycle when I was 6.
you taught me to drive a straight stick car when I was 18.
you helped me with my homework & especially art projects.
you tucked me into bed at night and read stories to me.
you gave me confidence to know I could overcome anything.
you showed me how to tie my shoes with one hand!
you were a most wonderful grandfather to my children!

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