This is a little story from the weekend that I wanted to remember about my youngest daughter....especially when she turns 13 and that personality may not be so sweet! Smile

A friend this weekend commented that you have an awesome personality....and I must agree! No matter where we go, you make friends so easily. You love to talk....and talk...and share stories with all! It is so amazing to watch you “light up a room” with your personality! As this same friend said.. your personality is going to take you places...and I can’t wait to see where!

Thanks for looking!

K. Pertiet
Stitched Up Frames No 4
Made with Paper Flowers No 3
Sweet Cakes Kit
Vintage Charm (clothes pin)
Lil Bits Tags
Ad Inspiration 032412 (Stripes Texture)
Wire Rimmed Alpha Charms
Zipper Pull Dates No 2 White

L. Grieveson
Colette Paper and Button

M. Martin
Colbie Paper

P. Knox
DIY Party Pennants

Studio DD
Ready Made Banners Love No 1
Tape from Template No 22