I'm getting there . . . just a few more pages for this book . . . deadline of a birthday is closing in on me! Here is a second double page for the seventh day of our granddaughter’s visit to our house. We were busy, busy, busy . . . Amelia was especially busy as all princesses are! I’ve decided to add Katie’s little princess epoxies to this page so Amelia can look for them when she reads her book . . . and have gone back and added them to each of the previous pages. I love seeing them peeking out from among the photographs and think that Amelia will have fun with it too. I am making extra pages for a few days of this visit just because I took so many photos and am having such a hard time deciding on which ones to use.

Journaling: Uncle Ken came to our house with Andy to eat supper and spend the night. You and Andrew found the play swords outside in the garage and Andy showed you how to sword fight! You caught on quickly and loved this new game . . . who would have ever thought that our tiny princess would be a champion swordfighter? The two of you had a really good time playing together . . . Andrew was so good to you and wasn’t rough at all.


Can you find one princess, one knight in shining armor & a pair of swords?

100% Designer Digitals:
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Fall Sentiment Stacks Brushes and Stamps (word more clipped) – Ali Edwards
Memory Circles Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Princess Fairy Tale Element Pack - Katie Pertiet
Snowy Christmas Kit – Pattie Knox
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