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Journaling: It was a 'homework' assignment for the kindergarten parents. We were given sheets of colored construction paper with the outlines of flower petals printed on them. We were asked to write a positive quality about our child on each petal and to return the sheets to school. (It was part of the 'self esteem curriculum' taught these thoughts about that are another topic altogether....) I filled in the petals and was sharing my responses with you. We read through them one by one. "Kaira is a good sorter and organizer.....Kaira helps set the table...." You asked questions about some of them. ("Kaira knows her own heart." "What does that mean?") You seemed interested in, but not excited by the things I'd written.

I came to the final petal. "Kaira is a leader." The question came again, "What does that mean?" "It means that you have the skills to be in charge, to direct people in working together to get something done well." As I said the words, I watched your face transform. Your eyes literally lit up, and your mouth became a wide smile. I could see and hear the excitement in you, watch your mind leap ahead to possibilities stretching far and wide.

I Like that! was your emphatic response.

I know that you do. And it thrills me and terrifies me all at once. I am praying for wisdom and skill and insight to teach you and train you how use your gifts to be a servant leader. And I'm praying most of all that God would work in your heart to make you a leader that loves HIM, one that is motivated by that love to serve people by leading them well, leading them as a gentle shepherd, to pastures green and fair.

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